We want all children to see the world with their own eyes and feel their hearts.

The maximum number of children is 10.

International  clientele

We have been working in education since 1997.

We speak English and French.

Our program and how it works here:

Our society is from the ideological and methodological point of view guided by educational principles which are based on experiential pedagogy and the psychological principle of the development of emotional intelligence.
We create conditions for the harmoniously universal development of the child, we help them discover their nature, talents, and abilities. We support every child's unique talents, so that the child grows up to be a creative person.

The regular daily program includes activities with music and dance, singing accompanied by the piano, playing age appropriate simple musical instruments, rhythmic and intonation exercises.
Thanks to our artistic activities children improve their knowledge of colors, their ability to hold crayons and brushes correctly, and they also develop their imagination.
We are also visited by a puppet show theater several times a year.

We prepare a birthday party for each child during the year, with gifts, cake, program and photo documentation for parents.

We offer demonstration program for parents who are interested in enrolling their child in our nursery. To easier adaptation to the new environment we allow each family to visit a few times for free the morning nursery program.
Under the parents request we provide an individual professional consultations on raising children and parenting.

Summer in Prague 

In July and August the nursery is open from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The prices are same as for the school year. There is also a possibility to enroll your child for a day (1.800 CZK) or for a week (6.000 CZK).

L'Été à Prague 

En juillet et août nous sommes ouverts pour vos enfants (à l'âge de 1-6 ans) du lundi à vendredi (8h - 17h). Les forfaits mensuels restent pareils mais vu qu'il s'agit du régime de l'été, vous pouvez inscrire vos enfants à la fréquentation hebdomadaire (6.000 CZK) ou payer par jour (1.800 CZK).

Modré nebe due to the quality of its program has been selected as the only kindergarten in the Czech Republic for the Year of European Languages, enounced by the EU, the Council of Europe, UNESCO.

Mgr. Eva Klárová
Founder and director of the company

Mgr. Alena Pajasová
Founder of the company

Petra Benlalam

Eliška Dolečková


Morning program 8 - 13h 

Full day program 8 - 17h

Registration fee for one school year

3 000 CZK 

3 000 CZK

School attendance fee once a week

3 700 CZK monthly

5 300 CZK monthly

School attendance fee twice a week

6 800 CZK monthly

9 600 CZK monthly

School attendance fee three times a week

9 500 CZK monthly

13 200 CZK monthly

School attendance fee four times a week

11 500 CZK monthly

16 100 CZK monthly

School attendance fee five times a week

13 100 CZK monthly

18 300 CZK monthly

Applications for the school year 2023/2024

Another activities

Community game room for parents and children from 0 to 4 years old

Opening time
September - June
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00

Opening time
July - August
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00

Modré nebe - Ciel bleu, o.p.s.

A generally beneficial society for education and culture. 

Director: Mgr. Eva Klárová
tel/ +420 604 671 476

Nursery address

Elišky Krásnohorské 6 
110 00, Prague 1

tel/ +420 739 466 957



Modré nebe - Ciel bleu o.p.s.
Vlastina 558/3
161 00, Prague 6
IČ: 27942767


Account name:
Modré nebe - Ciel bleu, o.p.s.
Account number: 100 221 3266/2700
Bank: UniCredit, Praha 6

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Modré nebe - Ciel bleu o.p.s.
Elišky Krásnohorské 6
110 00, Prague 1

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